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Economic Development Committee

The Economic Development Committee is a standing committee of the City Council and consists of two Councilmembers.  The function of this committee is to provide an opportunity for review and fact finding relative to significant projects, programs, or activities in economic development operations prior to consideration by the entire Council.  This committee meets quarterly, the first Monday of March, June, September, and December.  Councilmembers Zuniga and Maust currently serve on this committee.

For more information contact the City Clerk's office at (909) 931-4120.

2021 Meeting agenda packets and action summaries


03/01/21 RegularAgenda Packet

2020 Meeting agenda packets and action summaries


12/07/20 RegularAgenda PacketAction Summary
10/05/20 SpecialAgenda PacketAction Summary
09/08/20 CancelledAgenda Packet
06/29/20 SpecialAgenda PacketAction Summary
03/02/20 RegularAgenda PacketAction Summary
01/23/20 RegularAgenda PacketAction Summary

2019 Meeting agenda packets and action summaries


12/02/19 RegularAgenda PacketAction Summary
09/02/19 CancelledAgenda Packet
08/05/19 CancelledAgenda Packet
7/01/19 CancelledAgenda Packet
06/03/19 RegularAgenda PacketAction Summary
05/06/19 CancelledAgenda Packet
04/01/19 CancelledAgenda Packet
03/04/19 RegularAgenda PacketAction Summary
02/04/19 CancelledAgenda Packet
01/07/19 CancelledAgenda Packet

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